Why Training and Development is so Important

The importance of training and development should never be overlooked. In an ever-changing jobs market, the need to continuously improve and progress up the career ladder never really goes away. As an employee you’re advised to participate in courses, or encouraged to take part in refresher courses that gives you the knowledge on the most in-demand skills in the workplace. If you’re an employer educating your workforce is extremely beneficial for both all involved. Knowing that you’re doing everything you can to improve the working lives of your staff brings about many positives.

Why Training and Development is so ImportantTraining, according to the dictionary definition, is ‘the action of teaching a person […] a particular skill or type of behaviour’, which in the workplace is valuable because employees are able to see real career progression and growth. In addition to that, ‘development’ is where a workforce as a collective is encouraged to learn new skills, keeping all employees updated with the latest skills, building on what they already know. Thus far, there seems to be no reason why employees and employers should not participate in training and development, right?

However, despite the increased demand for certain skills and training, workplaces have seen a decline in the amount of people willing to participate in training and development. This needs to STOP, so we’ve collated a list of key benefits that highlight why training and development is so important, and why it’s worth investing in the workplace:  

  • Employability

A clear and simple one to start, participating in training and development maintains your employability. You’ll gain skills in demand in the current job market. In addition, the attributes and knowledge you attain from training and development will be desired by employers, making you an ideal candidate.

  • Incentives

There are obvious incentives to learning new skills. You could gain promotion or a salary increase with the new skills you gain. Aside from the clear career benefits it can be a great confidence booster. Continuous learning can help you really reinvigorate your motivation levels, giving you the inspiration to go further, try something new and participate in more.

  • Improved Performance

Needless to say that the more knowledgeable you are on certain topics, the more likely you are to see an improved performance at work. The more motivated you are with learning new things, the more likely you are to put more effort into your work and the more you’ll get out at the end of it.

  • Addresses Weaknesses

Training and development forces you to look at your weaknesses and encourages you to make a change. You’ll be turning your weaknesses into strengths and taking an active role in improving your work performance.

  • Puts YOU in Charge

By putting yourself forward and showing a willingness to participate in training, you’ll be showcasing your proactive attitude. It’s a great way to enhance your career prospects, but gives you a sense of control over your career progression and direction.

  • Change of Routine

Taking part in a training course or workshop can break up the toils of the everyday grind. It gives you something new to work on doesn’t allow the repetitive nature of work to creep into your routine.

  • Creativity

Improving your knowledge and skillset can open your mind to your creative side. The more you know, the more you can contribute to innovative ideas. Be creative and play around with new, relevant ideas!

  • Employee Turnover

It’s widely acknowledged that staff retention levels are higher where a company actively encourages staff to participate in training. Not only will you get a more motivated and loyal employee, you’ll gain the benefit of their broadened knowledge thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.  

  • Reputation

This applies to both individuals and businesses. As an employer, if word spreads that you offer a high quality training and development program, you’ll gain a positive reputation, attracting people that will WANT to work for you. For individuals, being able to showcase your progressive and proactive attitude to your professional development will help you stand out from the crowd.


As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to training and development. Now it’s down to you – research, apply, approach your boss and go for it!

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