The Interview

So, your CV has made the cut and you’ve been invited for an interview. What now?

Do your research

Research the company. Have a look if they’ve been mentioned in the news recently and make sure you have a clear understanding of what they do and if appropriate, what their best known products are.

Also, do your research on who you’ll be meeting. Most people will have a LinkedIn profile that will give you all the info you need. You can get a feel for their work history, how long they’ve been at the company etc. This info can help when thinking of questions to ask (more on this later).

Be prepared

Check out the journey in advance, know how long it’ll take and allow a little extra time. Better to be a bit early than late.

Why do you want to work for them? Make sure you have a clear and well thought out answer for this. Companies always ask! A good answer here can really help you stand out from the crowd.

It’s always good to prepare some questions you want to ask in advance. Showing an interest in the company, the career potential and the interviewer is never a bad thing!

Body language

It sounds obvious but don’t forget to smile! (First impressions, remember?)

During the interview, lean forward rather than slouching back in your chair and make lots of eye contact.

You might be nervous on the day but don’t worry, that’s totally normal. The interviewer is probably a bit nervous too!

Good Luck!

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